Normal Feet

Chinese girl with normal feet

© Suzanne Arms 1983

In China at one time the feet of little girls were bound and mutilated.  Girls and women with normal feet were considered grotesque and ugly.*

Foot Binding

Foot Binding Because a Girl Should
Look Like Her Mother?

Intact boy

© Suzanne Arms 1983

It’s time to wake up and think!!
          The little boy in this picture has not been circumcised, or as we prefer to state, his foreskin has been left intact.

— Cutting off the foreskin is never necessary for babies, and is only rarely necessary for older boys and adults.

— The medical arguments for circumcision have all been thoroughly refuted.  In 1975 the American Academy of Pediatrics stated: “… There are no valid medical reasons for circumcision of the newborn.”  In 1999 they clearly restated this.

— Washing the intact penis is actually easier than brushing one’s teeth or cleaning one’s fingernails.  Many people consider the surgery of circumcision a drastic alternative to simple, regular washing.

— The circumcision operation is severely traumatic and painful to a helpless newborn baby.  Usually no anesthesia is used.  Most babies scream with pain when the operation is done.  Many people believe that this traumatic procedure can cause long lasting psychological damage.

— No baby or small child has ever wanted or asked to be circumcised.  If the operation is done, his body is being changed significantly, without his permission.  There are many circumcised men who do resent the fact that a part of their body was taken away from them.

Harmful Cultural Practices

by Rosemary Romberg
First printing – 1984
(Updated for website – 2001 Edited 2013)

*My source of information on Chinese footbinding:

Daly, Mary
Gyn Ecology
Beacon Press, Boston, MA. © 1978
Ch. 4 – “Chinese Footbinding; on Footnoting the Three-Inch ‘Lotus Hooks’, p. 134-152.

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