One Baby’s Experience

SET 5-6

Photo 5

5. Newborns commonly drift peacefully between sleep and blissful semi-awakeness. The newborn infant is innocent and trusting of this world and expects that adults will take care of his needs and protect him from harm.

6.     This picture shows the infant strapped in place to the Circumstraint © board, a specially designed plastic board that is molded with depressions that fit the shape of an infant’s body.  Velcro straps hold his arms and legs securely in place so that he cannot move.  Much of the rest of his body will be covered with sterile drapes to help prevent contamination of the circumcision wound.  The baby’s genitals have been covered with a brownish antiseptic solution – probably Betadine.
Photo 6
Obviously he does not like his strapped down, vulnerable predicament.  Even before the painful operation begins, being restrained in this contraption is frightening and traumatic for an infant who only wants to feel warmth, comfort and security.  In the background there are several sterile instruments and a small bowl ready for the doctor’s use in performing the surgery.


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