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7. In this picture the doctor appears to be loosening the baby’s foreskin from the glans (“head”) of his penis. Normally, for almost all newborn infant boys, the foreskin is tightly sealed to the glans and the opening is a tiny pinhole.

If he is to undergo circumcision, the opening must first be enlarged by cutting it and the foreskin must be separated from the glans. This involves forcibly tearing one layer of skin away from another and is extremely painful for the baby.
Photo 7
** Important Note** For parents who are planning or considering leaving their babies intact – some medical practitioners will forcibly retract the foreskins of intact baby boys because they do not understand the normal development of the infant’s foreskin. This may happen in the hospital nursery or during one of the baby’s office visits. Forcibly retracting a baby’s foreskin is painful and is usually what causes the so-called problems such as infection or phimosis that are often attributed to non-circumcision. It is NORMAL for an intact baby’s foreskin to be tight. If left alone it will loosen gradually of its own accord by the time he is anywhere from a few months to a few years old, or possibly not until his teenaged years. If you leave your baby intact, leave his foreskin alone and be sure to instruct your baby’s health care provider to leave it alone as well.


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