One Baby’s Experience

SET 14-16

Photo 14
14. In this picture the “bell” of the circumcision clamp is applied. This is a small bell shaped piece of metal that fits over the glans (head) of the penis and under the foreskin before it is cut off.

Photo 15

15. This picture shows the outer clamp applied. There are many different devices used for circumcision. What is shown here is the Gomco © clamp. When this clamp is applied, there is a small hole in it where the baby’s penis, the “bell” and the foreskin all fit into place. Once the baby’s penis is placed in the hole in the clamp, the clamp is screwed down so that the foreskin is smashed between the metal bell and the outer clamp.

This device is usually left in place for about 5 minutes so that the blood vessels are completely sealed off. After that the outer foreskin is trimmed away with a scalpel and the clamp is then removed. Normally stitches are not required when a baby is circumcised.

Photo 16





16.     This shows the baby during the five minute wait while the Gomco © clamp seals off the foreskin.







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