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What’s available here is a collection of several of the more popular and useful articles and information sheets that I wrote and/or put together during the 1970’s and 80’s for use in childbirth education classes, for the expectant and/or new parent clientele of health care providers, and for educating the general public. The information in several of these articles has been and will continue to be updated where appropriate.

Please feel free to download and/or print and duplicate any or all of the following articles for free or at cost distribution to others in whatever capacity is useful for you. However, please do not include any article on another website or in a printed publication without my personal permission. For use of any material that originated from a source other than myself (including drawings and photographs), please contact me and if possible I will put you in touch with that source.

For further information on the history and background of these articles click here.

To e-mail me with any further questions or suggestions please contact me at Rosemary@gci.net or by the Contact Me form on the menu to the right.

Thank you for your interest and continuing efforts to educate new and future parents
and to make this world a more loving, welcoming place for future generations.

My book: Circumcision the Painful Dilemma .

Sincerely, Rosemary Romberg

Tears of Regret Parents

“I feel awestruck and honored that my friend Melanie R. Childers has
created the following meme using one of my personal quotes for
intactivism. My hope is that this will give comfort and inspiration to
all other regret parents.” Rosemary

James Loewen interviewed me at the 2014 Symposium in Colorado. ( Youtube video )
Rosemary’s Story: The Painful Dilemma


By Christine Grace

Beautiful Meme from Christine Grace


Rosemary's Peaceful Beginnings



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