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Over the last hundred years, a Jewish and Israeli movement to stop circumcision has emerged. This is due to modern notions of an individual’s right to their own body, new historical information about the origin of circumcisions in Egypt and Africa, scientific discoveries about the damage caused by circumcision, and a desire by individuals to live a higher level of spiritual ethics. This movement includes Jewish Rabbis, scholars, parents, intellectuals, Israelis, and educators.

Kahal Exhibition
Giving up the Brit Milah – Kahal Exhibition at a Baby Fair in Tel Aviv, Israel

Bris Shalom Brit B'lee Milah
Read Article – Jewish Brit Shalom (On this site)


Jewish Groups for Genital Integrity
Jews Against Circumcision
Jews for the Rights of the Child
Bris Shalom Officiants by Mark D. Reiss, M.D.
Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective by Ron Goldman, Ph.D.
Beyond the Bris: Jewish Parenting Blog

Israeli Groups for Genital Integrity
Kahal: Giving Up Brit Milah (In Hebrew and English)
Intact Son: the Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation (In Hebrew)
Gonnen: Protect the Child (In Hebrew)
Af-Mila: Israeli Intactivist  [In English] [In Hebrew]

Jewish Parents – Mothers Voices
Refusing to Circumcise: A Mom’s Difficult Demand by Samara Colle
A Jewish Woman Denounces Circumcision by Laura Shanley
My Son: The Little Jew with a Foreskin by Stacey Greenberg, Mothering Magazine
Lucking Into Bris Shalom by Sarah Rockwell
How “Cut” Saved My Son’s Foreskin: A Movie Review by Diane Targovnik
Jewish mom: Circumcision spiritually wounds, breaks bonds and trust

Jewish Parents – Father’s Voices
The Kindest Un-Cut Feminism, Judaism, and My Son’s Foreskin by Professor Michael S. Kimmel
Ending Circumcision in the Jewish Community? by Moshe Rothenberg, MSW


Jewish Brit Shalom


Peaceful Ceremonies: Brit B’lee Milah, Bris Shalom, Brit Hyiam, Brit Chayim, Brit Ben
Bris Shalom Officiants by Mark D. Reiss, M.D.
Brit B’lee Milah (Covenant Without Cutting) Ceremony
Bris Shalom Ceremony by Norm Cohen
Bris Shalom by Rabbi and Cantor Steven Blane
On Alternative Rituals by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.
Brit Shalom: An Alternative Naming Ceremony by Mark D. Reiss, M.D.
Choosing Brit Shalom over Brit Milah by Natalie Bivas
The Naming … Very Very Fine
Bringing a Jewish Circumcision Alternative (Brit Shalom) to New York Metro Families


Blessing Ceremony


Jewish Religious and Historical Issues
One Rabbi’s Thoughts on Circumcision – Rabbi Natan Segal
Progressive Rabbis Creating Jewish Covenant Without Circumcision
Circumcision: Motivational Changes in the Meaning of the Word of God
Being rational about circumcision and Jewish observance by Moshe Rothenberg, MSW
Defying Convention: An Interview With Miriam Pollack
One Rabbis’ Thoughts on Circumcision by Rabbi Nathan Segal
Eli Ungar-Sargon Debates Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the Ethics of Circumcision
Israeli Linguist Vadim Cherny: How Judaic is circumcision?
Brit Milah : Inconsistent with Jewish Ethics? By D.A. Huffman-Parent,
A Case for Bris without Milah.
An Alternative Perspective by Jenny Goodman, MD.

Cut: Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision – A Film by Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon
Jerusalem Post: Challenging the Circumcision Myth by Jan Jaben-Eilon [PDF]

Jewish Voices – Many Jews Question Circumcision
My Circumcision – My Violation – (Video)
Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 1
Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 2

Men’s Voices
To the Mohel Who Cut Me by Shea Levy
On Circumcision, Authority, and the Perpetuation of Abuse by Jonathan Friedman
Howard Stern: Jewish Intactivist by Rebecca Wald, J.D.

Women’s Voices
Circumcision: A Jewish Feminist Perspective by Miriam Pollack
Circumcision: Identity, Gender, and Power by Miriam Pollack

Circumcision Referendum and Legal Issues
Outlawing Circumcision: Good for the Jews? by Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon
Jews Speak in Favor of Banning Circumcision on Minors
Questioning Circumcision: Op/Ed by Rebecca Wald, J.D., The Jewish Reporter
The Circumcision Referendum: A Liberal Jewish Perspective by Sandford Borins, Ph.D.
The Other Side Of The Circumcision Debate by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.
Jewish Journal: Circumcision critic has Board links

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